Why Science at a Liberal Arts College?

Why Science at a Liberal Arts College?

Students who major in sciences at Davidson gain access and opportunities usually reserved for students at the graduate level. Our faculty members are experts in their fields and integrate original research and scholarship into their curricula. They also regularly invite students to work with them on top-level research studies during the academic year and over the summer. Our students get hands-on experience in our labs, unique opportunities for leadership within projects, and often serve as co-authors on advanced research publications.

In addition to the research done in our campus labs and classrooms, our students engage in independent research projects and participate in research-based programs on campus, in the community and abroad.

As liberal arts scholars, during their tenure at Davidson our student researchers take classes across a broad range of subjects, and as a result graduate with a holistic knowledge base and an informed worldview. They are able to think critically, ask important questions, and pursue answers to those questions with both the skills and confidence needed to succeed in any career or post-graduate arena.

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